The Daily Dose; Today’s Data Looks Crummy.

-Data paint a picture of a not-so-hot recovery -The Emirati love fest may stir the hornet’s nest. Not-so-hot economic trends in the Asian economies helped put pressure on the price of oil early Friday. Malaysia’s economy posted a sharp contraction, while retail sales in China were less than impressive. The trend on retail sales carried … More The Daily Dose; Today’s Data Looks Crummy.

The Daily Dose; Backwardation Baby.

-Demand signals are louder than COVID concerns. -Russia looks set to end OPEC+ constraint. The futures structure for Brent crude oil moved into slight backwardation in late Thursday trading after Iraq and Kazakhstan pledged to uphold their curtailment obligations to OPEC. Backwardation, where late-month contracts trade at a discount to the market, signals the oversupply … More The Daily Dose; Backwardation Baby.