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-US employment figures mask underlying weakness -Oil market downturn means some reserves no longer count. Crude oil prices moved largely on US news in the previous session, with another sizeable draw on commercial crude oil inventories supporting the bulls. The direction for commodities was determined again by the US economy on Thursday, with weekly jobless … More The Daily Dose; Jobs, jobs jobs jobs jobs.

The Daily Dose

-Some oil market players see opportunity in times of crisis. -New OPEC+ restraint in play today, but it’s restraint from great heights. Adapt or die. That may be the mantra that separates the energy companies that collapse in the quarantine economy and those that endure. The severe downturn has already forced rig company Diamond Offshore … More The Daily Dose


Risk level: RED RED: Severe (+/- 4%) ORANGE: High (+/- 3%) YELLOW: Elevated (+/- 2%) BLUE: Guarded (+/- 1%) THE BOOSTER SHOT -The dangers of over-reaction are high in times of crisis. -Earnings week from global supermajors will tell us how bad things really are. A change in the rules is necessary so that a … More AmericaOil